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Grandma Matteson’s Perfect Pickle Relish



Grandma Matteson lived with us six months out of every year from the time I was four until she passed on twenty years later. Most of the cooking was done by her and she was the best. But then, isn’t everyone’s grandma the best? Her canned goods were stored on a shelf in the basement and we enjoyed her Pickle Relish all year long. Hope you do too!

2 Qt Cucumbers – Peeled and Ground

2 Qt Green Tomatoes – Ground

18 Onions – Ground

Add 1/3 cup salt – Mix

Let stand overnight


2 Bunches of Celery – cut fine or ground

3 Red Sweet Peppers – Chopped

8 Green Peppers – Chopped

1 TBLSP Celery Seed

1 TBLSP Mustard Seed

5 Cups White Sugar

1 1/2 Qt Vinegar

Mix together Cook 1 hour

Can while hot

A little green food coloring makes a difference in how it looks

Makes 10-14 Pints


Mary Anne Whitchurch Tuck

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